Before You Install

Its time to make your boat stand out from the rest. 

We print on the best vinyl that fits the needs of your boat for the longest life possible. Our printed vinyl with UV lamination is expected to last 7 years. 

 We are excited to yelp you get a wrap on your boat and back on the water with a quality vinyl wrap you are sure to enjoy for years to come. 



Wrap prep is the most important step of instillation. As you run your hand along the surface prior to wrapping, anything you can feel you will be able to see as imperfections these under the vinyl.



Ensure you have washed your boat thoroughly. We recommend a degreaser soap like Dawn paired with a pressure washer. If there is any failing paint areas, cracking, chipping, body damage etc. you will want to spot sand these areas. Some areas may need filled with an aluminum based body filler. We recommend finishing with a 220 sand paper prior to vinyl installation.



If your boat currently has any vinyl wrap or decals, remove these prior to installing your wrap. Once all vinyl is removed, you will need to also remove any adhesive left behind. Use a heat to warm up the vinyl. If you can do the removal in a well warmed area so the metal is warm, this helps. If vinyl or adhesive is difficult to remove, you can also use plastic razor blades, rubber erasers, and denatured alcohol. 



Its common to have small rock chips, dings and scratches in your aluminum. We suggest to use a metal body filler for large issues, and simple sanding away at pitting in the aluminum, and small dings. 



After you have finished necessary prep, we suggest washing again with soap and a pressure washer to ensure all grease, oil, and residue from removal solutions is washed away. If you used any solvent based cleaners or solutions, this step is critical. Aluminum is porous and can hold cleaners within the metal. If these cleaners come into contact with your vinyl, it will damage the adhesive and the wrap will be unusable.
Just before installing your wrap, use a microfiber towel with denatured alcohol to wipe away any dust and ensure the surface is ready for installation.



We recommend installing your wrap indoors. Vinyl can be brittle and may rip when the temperature is too cold. It can become very soft and may stretch easily if the temperature is too warm. Ideal temperature to install is 60-85 degrees.