Measurement Guide

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Wraps are made to fit the side of your boat between the gunnel and the chine. It is important to measure the side of your boat accurately in order to get a wrap that fits your boat properly


To measure the length correctly take a tape measure and, following the curve of the boat, measure the length along the Gunwale and also along the Chine. Depending on the style of boat, either the Gunwale or the Chine will be longer.
The LONGER measurement will determine the length of your wrap:

 The curve and angle of the hull can make the actual height deceiving to the eye. The best practice when finding the height is to measure the distance between the gunnel and the chine at both the Bow and Stern, then measure the distance between the gunnel and the chine along the side of the boat roughly every 12inches .

The longest of these measurements will determine the height of your wrap.


IMPORTANT: Our boat wraps are printed to order and can not be refunded or exchanged because incorrect measurements were supplied to us. Wraps are supplied slightly larger than the measurements you select so you have material to hold while applying the wrap and to allow for trimming excess.